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      On May 15, 2002, Meizhou Kejie Electronics Co., Ltd. was established and officially put into trial operation.

      On March 21, 2003, Meizhou Kejie circuit Co., Ltd. was established.

      On September 16, 2003, the company passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

      In April 2006, the company obtained UL (US) safety certification.

      In June 2006, the company expanded its scale and moved to a new factory building in Ma'anshan Kejie Industrial Park.

      In December 2011, the company obtained ISO14000 certification.

      In April 2012, the company participated in the investment of Meizhou benchuang Electronics Co., Ltd.

      In May 2013, the company obtained ISO / TS16949:2009 system certification.

      In August 2013, the company obtained CQC certification.

      In March 2015, the company was recognized as a national high salary technology enterprise.


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