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      Domestic PCB chemicals enterprise itsleague lumped half seizes the market status
      Add Time:2021/2/23 11:13:09

            As an important application field of electronic chemicals, China PCB the rapid development of the market for the rise of electronic chemical enterprise provide opportunities. More than 20 years since, global industrial transfer trend, China's rapid development of PCB manufacturing industry. In recent years despite the global economic changes in countries PCB industry constantly ups and downs, but the Chinese market but steady development.

            The huge domestic market demand PCB chemicals, in a period of time for foreign brands have monopolized by chemical company, but in recent years, domestic PCB chemicals enterprise started fighting for the survival of innovation status, and actively promote national brand great-leap-forward development, and after years of development has achieved considerable progress. In 2011, domestic hundreds of PCB specialty chemicals enterprise keep a good momentum, with more than at the sales market half of jiangshan, almost equal shares with foreign brands. In addition, many international brand PCB enterprise also brought the offensive, the initiative to the PCB industry association related to seek domestic specialty chemicals enterprise information.

            With the rising prices of raw materials, the PCB industry profit space more and more small, cost attracted attention, this makes originally operation cost is not high proportion of the chemicals highlights its more the importance of cost control. Along with the finished product yield promotion and quality service request, PCB chemicals local enterprises have to build their own core competitiveness to both at home and abroad and invincible. In addition, the domestic PCB chemicals enterprise after years of development, in the part of the product performance has and international famous brands in the same position even takes up advantages, and the industry association's organization and guide, based on the actual development situation, make both foresight, and a feasible industry and enterprise development planning.


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