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      PCB factory cusp percentile revenue is expected to grow 5-10%
      Add Time:2021/2/23 11:14:57

        PCB holing needle factory cusp points (8021) on 27 except authority to carry trade, look to the percentile, in the traditional season and the supply chain of the customer order under good visibility, pointed out some of the growth of the month after month is expected to percentile performance, legal person estimate that the cusp July revenue about and June, flat 8 month we will have a significant growth, September up again, overall, cusp percentile revenue expected to have 5-10% of the growing season, and the standing corn move up in rate of gross margins will be back up.

        Tip 27 interest except authority, about $0.724 per share allotted cash dividend and 0.268 yuan stock dividend, today except authority situation up interest rates, and the right to fill carry road.

        Tip of the growth of the month after month expected to have percentile situation, and the customers in the fourth (3037) before the law said, and points out that the percentile to start mid HDI needs will began to emerge, kinetic energy sustainable value to November, also boosted the percentile of grain rate from 80% move HDI ascent to 90-95%. If the customer to have good visibility to see Q4 is prevented, tip kinetic energy can also be period Q4 is prevented.

        In Q2 profit part, due to tip the standing corn Q2 move rate bounced significantly, of which the standing corn holing needle moving rate has 85% of the level, and back to drill business is about more than 60% of expression, and in the standing corn move rate under ascension, help tip the gross profit margin improved Q2 performance.

        As for the percentile gross profit margin trends, because in the present order visibility is good, cusp estimate that the holing needle moving rate corn this season can be further up to 85-90% of the level, and drilling business of 70% above the level, in the standing corn move to further improve rate, gross margin also is expected to improve this season.


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