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      Basic knowledge of PCB boards
      Add Time:2021/2/23 11:26:25

             The PCB circuit board is made of an insulating plate and cut into a certain size, and at least one conductive pattern is attached thereon, and holes (such as component holes, fastening holes, metallized holes, etc.) are arranged to replace the electronic components of the conventional device. The chassis of the device and the interconnection between electronic components.

             PCB board repair is an emerging repair industry. In recent years, the degree of automation of industrial equipment is getting higher and higher, so the number of industrial control boards in various industries is increasing. After the industrial control board is damaged, the high cost of replacing the PCB circuit board (less than a few thousand dollars, more Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan has also become a very headache for companies. In fact, most of these damaged PCB boards are repairable in China, and the cost is only 20%-30% of the purchase of a new board, and the time spent is much shorter than the time of foreign board. Here's a basic introduction to PCB board repair:

             Almost all PCB board repairs have no drawing materials, so many people are skeptical about PCB board maintenance. Although the various boards vary widely, the constant is that each PCB board is composed of various integrated blocks and resistors. , capacitors and other components, so PCB board damage must be caused by damage to one or some of the devices, PCB board repair ideas are based on the above factors. Circuit board maintenance is divided into two parts: inspection and maintenance, in which the inspection occupies a very important position. A basic knowledge of each device on the PCB board is tested until a bad part is found and replaced, and a PCB board is repaired.

             PCB board inspection is the process of finding, determining, and correcting faults in every electronic component on a PCB board. In fact, the whole testing process is a thinking process and a testing process that provides logical reasoning clues. Therefore, the testing engineer must gradually accumulate experience and continuously improve the level during the maintenance, testing, and overhaul of the PCB circuit board. The general electronic equipment is composed of thousands of components. In the maintenance and overhaul, if you directly check each component in the PCB board to find the problem, it will be very time-consuming and implemented. very difficult. Then, from the fault phenomenon to the cause of the fault, the check-in type is an important maintenance method. As long as the PCB board detects the problem, the repair is easy.

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